Absurd is the word

There are so many hybrid techniques that proudly “borrow” the surname of Joseph H., these days.

“Dude, check it! Fro-yo-gilatesCirque-de-lates, Box-a-lates, Danc-a-lates, Bike-a-lates, Poo-latesBro-lates, and Pil-asturbation are just a few of the brands I have in development at present!”

Why, oh why is The (original) Method not enough for some? [Wrings hands]

Let’s examine possible cause-and-effect-types-of reasons, excuses, concepts, etc.

1. Ignorance of the appeal/power/superiority of The Method in its true-form-learned-with-sincerity-dispensed-with-passion. It should stand to reason that a-well-advanced-enlightened individual would know a good thing when they see it.

2. Insecurity of one’s knowledge of the method, combined with one’s limited ability as an altruistic auteur. Only a True-Pilates-Teacher can refrain from strayin’ from The Method. Perhaps

3. Insolence on the part of the inventor (copier). It is difficult to determine the appropriate-emotional-description of these types.

End result? No offense to anyone who spent the time to concoct the latest exercise “flavor of the moment”, but…..my guess is that, you only did it for the money.

You ain’t no Joseph Pilates…..none of us are.

“Just wait until Bro-lates 4: Close Encounters is released!”

Art example, El Gran Masturbador by Salvador Dali (1929)