Spring hopes eternal

Did you know that the torso acts like a coiled spring when a golfer completes his or her backswing?

So much tension must be released…..but how? On the follow-through, that’s how! The energy that is created and stored in the torso is the force which helps to “throw” the ball down the fairway (or onto the green). Because remember, it ain’t in the arms!

“So let’s see…energy….in the torso…..hmmmm.  I got nothin’…..wait! Could this concept relate to abdominal strength and its subsequent control? Does this imply that if I strengthen my core; my abs; my torso, that I too will be a tightly wound spring that begs for release on the tee? This could be the missing element that, if somehow applied, will change my handicap forever! I could even apply this technique to putting!”

So don’t be a putz when it comes to your putts. Do your game a favor and hit the Pilates mat before your round. Heck, it might even benefit other areas of your life: your metabolism; your sleep; your love-life; your humours; your attitude; your spirit, etc.

None of these being more important than golf, of course, but you never know!

Image credit: Jean Gouders (www.gouders-cartoons.nl)