All them people.

Working out.

Every day.

“Wow, you really ARE a dreamer.”

Perhaps, but doesn’t Imagination purportedly carry more weight than Education? Education is vital, but Imagination must precede it, so that the Education can be sincerely absorbed.

“Then there’s Inspiration, Dedication, Concentration, Enervation, Stimulation, Invigoration, and Vitalization!”

Exactly! And it all begins with a sound thought-process. The natural ability to Imagine an empowered, physical existence; to Imagine a purposeful mental existence; to Imagine a gratifying spiritual existence. We all are equipped to be Imaginative; it’s simply a matter of tapping into it.

If our society, as a whole, was a-tad-bit-more physically sound, the notion of a Brotherhood of Man, might not be as remote.