It ain’t their fault

Early 18th-century = not-in-the-best-shape unless you’re committed.

I mean, these guys were committed… providing excellent musical stylings to various members of the court of Louis XIV, including the King himself.

But, that’s all they did….compose…..rehearse…..perform…..indulge in food and drink……rehearse……over and again.

Yes, even way back then; nice to see that not much has changed avec les musiciens.

Three hundred years later we have gyms, and studios, and pools, etc., for the physical edification of Les Modèrnes.

“But ancient Greeks and Romans, had all of the same amenities…..gyms, and studios, and pools, etc., too! How did it all become lost?”

I think it goes back to the various “sackings” of Rome (5th c.).

After the Roman Empire was dismantled, the nearest centers of learning and knowledge were Constantinople (Istanbul) and Baghdad. Cultivated civilization (in Europe) was supplanted by a society steeped in superstitiousness, ignorance and fear (The Dark Ages).

Interestingly, the re-discovery of culture and knowledge, occurred with the barbaric “crusades” of the 11th-13th centuries; an unfortunate series of events that were inspired by superstitiousness, ignorance and fear.

One may notice that those 3 ideals work very well in concert, and are, unfortunately, still so prevalent in the 3rd millennium. But at least we have our gyms, and studios, and poolsetc.


Such an odd synonym for violating, appropriating, harming, stealing, devastating, conquering, etc.

Now it means (usually) putting groceries in a bag.

Go figure.

Art example, André Bouys, La Barre et ses musiciens (ca. 1710)