You know it’s gonna happen right? Gettin’ older.

Gonna have to say sayonara one day.

What will those later years be like for each of us identical organisms?

Can we control any aspect of it? Do we have a say in the outcome, let alone the journey?

You’re darn tootin’!

We are all the same, gang; got the same appointments installed at the factory.

As mentioned earlier, our parts have a variable in longitude; some folks wear-out quicker than others. Sometimes the wear and tear is due to extreme and prolonged use. Most of the time, however it is due to neglect.

This does not have to be!

Keeping the ol’ machine maintained, greased and oiled will slow down the race for each of us.

First off, I’m never dying BUT, if I do, it won’t be for centuries…..WHY?

I see the mechanic on a daily basis; I’m tricking my body into never aging (much).

If we can keep the flow of life consistent, it then becomes more unrealistic that it should end.

Unfortunately this implies that our maintenance become more involved and intense as we age, lest we tire or flag, or surrender to the weariness of our existence.

By all means, this lightning-in-a-bottle may seem radical to those who wish to check-out sooner-than-later; but to others this concept may seem welcome…..I mean, who wouldn’t wish for immortality?

(It probably does sound far-fetched, but remember the hook to the song,)

“and the winner loses all.”

So, slow down your approach to the finish-line and we’ll see you in the next millennium!