Pull it together!

The firming process, initiated by Contrology, can culminate in complete physical solidity.

This is particularly critical in our later years. A strong musculature will be a plus, if it will benefit an an aging skeleton. An older skeleton needs the youngest muscles possible.

The aging process, ironically, “tightens” our muscles for exactly this reason.

As our skeleton deteriorates, the musculature instinctively thickens in areas of skeletal instability. Those who suffer from any bone-weakening conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.) also suffer from a muscular thickening around these areas.

“Wait! So musculature controls the skeleton?”


“Then, the healthier the muscles, the healthier the skeleton!”

And then…..?

“We can control, more precisely, our physical life, and guarantee the fitness of our limited future!”


“But, is it ever too late to be able to help ourselves? To slow down the aging process?”

Technically no, but only a truly enlightened sophisticate will be able to create a fortitude capable of energizing the musculature, that it may better-serve the skeleton. But, it could happen.

Maybe, if it were the right individual.