Keep your eyes open, and remain alert while exercising.

“Will Hermes make me go night-night?”

Nice one; no, actually it’s an awareness/safety thing.

“But I feel that I can concentrate better.”

Would you lift dead-weights, at the gym, with your eyes shut?

“Isn’t that a little bit different?” “Besides, I only close my eyes during lying-down exercises (foot work, running, etc.).”

It’s bad discipline, bad mojo, and bad form, old chap.

With eyes-wide-open, the mind can focus more clearly on The Method as a whole; this practice deepens the Mind/Body connection as one more easily syncs the visual with the actual.

Somehow, when we watch ourselves actually performing the technique, the technique is better performed.

Besides, things can go wrong with Pilates gear too.

It’s a really good idea to always be aware of your surroundings.

Remember, it’s Safety First!

Wear sunglasses if you have to.