Did you ever notice that, in many facets of life, a smaller proportion frequently rules the larger?

– A sun has nurtured an entire (solar) system for 4.5 billion years.

– A mother has run an entire family since you can remember.

– One god has influenced untold numbers since, at least 5,000 years ago (with new ones being introduced every-so-often).

– Four Beatles have fascinated the lives of millions of people since the 60’s; not to mention all of the kings, presidents, popes, you-name-its, who have attempted controlling us over the years.

“But, what about the now, Man?”

– One brain controls an entire complex of nerves, muscles, tendons, etc.

We may have to always recognize the pull of the single dominant force against the weaker multiplicitous collective…in all areas of worldly experience.

“So not fair!”

In short, most aspects of life can not be hidden from; especially those aspects, over which we have no control.

Some things in life are within our control; our health, for instance.

Aging is inevitable, but can be tempered through exercise.

Be sure to keep your physique sharp and alive through regular and consistent practice of Contrology.

“Hey, Man, I can’t help that I wasn’t born very athletic!”

No, I mean just do a little every day and your body will love you for it.

“This is a drag, Man; I want that dude’s body”

Hold on, wait! We all have to keep the effects of life at bay; the effects that accompany the aging process = 1% of inevitability, compared to the potential 99% of effort one could apply toward a better physical existence.

“This sucks, Man.”

Think of it like this. The most sophisticated inhabitants on the planet actually have a mental/physical ability to influence the level of their physical health, and are ultimately in control of their own paths and destinies.

Remember the line from that song? “Son, this world is rough; and if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be tough.”*

Charity begins at home. Help your physique first.

Perhaps, the rest of your life will follow.

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

“Dude, I can’t find my mask.”

*From “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash, (S. Silverstein 1969)