Ever have that one student who just won’t let go of the eye contact? The one who must keep his, or her, gaze locked with yours? During every exercise? Even, The Elephant?

Troublesome, right?

Personally, it un-nerves the heck out of me; gotta change this habit…..but how?

“There has to be a way to understand all of the variables!”

Let’s start with the why before fixing the what with the how.


Some plausible reasons for this obsessive pattern include, but are not limited to:

1. Why: To some, paying attention to a speaker, presenter, performer, etc., seems more concrete if eye-contact is established. It makes them feel better-connected to their environment. This, then, justifies the rationale and gives to the client, a greater sense of accomplishment; even though one that is more profound exists.

How: Help them redirect their train of thought; have them fix a gaze and keep the eyes still (as you are likely moving around them, spotting, correcting, etc.). Allow them to understand that this technique helps to focus their mental, and thus, physical energy.

2. Why: You may have (inconveniently-so) a client with a crush on you. Hey, it’s a natural thing, this business of love, and attraction, and romance. It can strike nearly anywhere, at any time. They are enamored with you, and they likely wish to cement a deeper connection to your fine-self.

How: Don’t return their stare as it’s only encouraging the fantasy. Again, because you are likely moving around them, spotting, correcting, etc., thus avoiding their come-hither looks, you can further diffuse the intense energy, and, eventually-hopefully CRUSH their desire, spirit and promise.

(Hey, it’s better than having to risk losing a client because you led them on, were intentionally cruel, or displayed an obvious discomfort.)

3. Why: You, the teacher, are allowing it.

How: Don’t allow it; you’re the boss, remember? Explain to the client that such physical behavior is counter-intuitive, counter-productive, and counter-active.

Other reasons likely exist, but I’m loathe to continue this quest to name them.

Just remember that, although the eyes must remain open, they can also be better trained toward the discipline of The Method.

So correct your clients who do this or I’ll send Frank Booth over to see you.