Remember your first Pilates experience?

I do.

Earth-shattering…yeah? Door-opening…remember? Life-changing…etc., etc., etc?

So what happened? Where did that initial inspiration go? Where have all the good times gone?

More important…how do we get it back?

Does this, eerily, resemble a romantic relationship? Does Pilates really mirror life to an exact degree? Only if you look for it.

Like with a long-term-partner, Pilates can become routine, and a little too familiar.

“Maybe I need to study with a different teacher.”

This could be a very wise decision to help dust off the cobwebs a bit. You don’t have to “dump” your current instructor, but it would be wise to play down the effectiveness or brilliance of any “flings” you may have; some may be sensitive to your “cheating” and become fearful that they will be replaced by your new “relationship”.

“But so many experienced teachers live in Manhattan, or Chicago, or L.A.!”

(Don’t forget Philly.)

As you may be limited in your choice of alternate-instructor-choices in your area, it may be the right time to seek out an elder instructor who resides in another city. Let’s face it, unless you live in a large metropolis, your choices may be limited to the faculty working in the sole studio in your smaller town.

So why not make a little vacation out of it? Pick a city that you wish to visit, fly there, and study with a classically-trained instructor, who can help to advance your knowledge of The Method. And enjoy a Broadway show, or two, while you’re at it!

The connection that one makes with their instructor may parallel the connection that one makes with Pilates, or exercise in general.

It’s just another relationship folks; one that can be nurtured or neglected; embraced or ignored.

“I think I’m going to dump Pilates and begin an affair with yoga.”

By all means do so! Choose your inspirational path and walk it a ways.

At least with exercise, there is no real fallout if you change your “friend”.

Keep the mystery alive if you must.

Just be sure to work with a qualified individual who motivates, says the truth, delivers results, is thought provoking, etc.

Besides, it may just, eventually, bring you a bit closer to your relationship to The Method, and re-kindle it!

Work your way toward multiple “partners”…..