Who or what is to blame for the decline in the fitness level of us humans?

The higher cost of ‘natural’ produce and protein? AKA, big-interest groups wishing to control the world’s food-supply?

Trans-fats? AKA, too many fries from Mickey D’s?

Regardless, the conspiracy theories are more abundant than the actual facts.

We, as individual humans, need to accept the brunt of the blame for our physical condition.

A tradition that needs fixin’.

As humans have become more and more civilized (and automated), some have adopted a gluttonous approach to the use of food.

Can you imagine having to forage for, or kill your dinner? Those days are so Old School.

The use of food as an emotional crutch has likely always existed, but it seems that, once again, the modern times made it commonplace. Fewer members of modern society are farmers while more of us work in offices, etc.

“Often, men who once have been accustomed to hard work on a farm, in school athletics or in a factory continue eating the hearty meals they then ate even though they are now engaged only in sedentary indoor occupations where moderate meals are more appropriate.”

Historically, eating has actually been a pastime for family and friends to spend time together. But it seems that the average individual is ignorant of a “correct” approach.

“Is it not reasonable to conclude that the sedentary indoor worker requires proportionately less food and of a different kind than the laborer who is engaged in hard work outdoors?”

Today, we have increasingly, larger portions being offered than ever before, particularly from Fast-Food chain-restaurants; this trend is, naturally accompanied by increasingly greater health risks.

“Since man is not a hibernating creature, such excess of fat is a real detriment to him, imposing an unnecessarily heavy burden on his heart, liver, bladder and other vitally important organs of his digestive system.”

Perhaps we, as a society, advocate a down-grading of food consumption to a necessity-based activity.

The health-care system would benefit greatly from such an approach.

Quotes excerpted from Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph H. Pilates,