The original sets apparatus were made, by hand, in Joe P.’s workshop of wood.

His contracting the services of a fabricating firm called Gratz led to a cottage industry that exists to this day. Although, technically a manufacturer of custom furniture, The Gratz Co. also makes the best Pilates gear available.

The above photo (ca. 1964) clearly shows the Gratz Cadillac and a small corner of a Gratz reformer, made of…..aluminum!

“Why the switch?”

Longer lasting, solid, sturdy frames make for a “cleaner” workout. Of course, the prototype might not have proved effective or sufficient. But, nearly 50 years later, the prototype has become the model for all imitators, most of whom (fantastically) choose to ignore the most important mechanical features innovated so long ago.

Good for Gratz, I guess.

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