Give it a try; there’s only a few (or so) physical applications to master and, you’re off!

The heart will oblige the work, trust me.

It’s a built-in mechanism that conforms to the task-at-hand.

Abdominal control, however, is not a built-in mechanism.

It is the task…..and a duty, and a discipline, and an art form!!

So all roads lead back to the abs. Work those (et al.), and everything else follows: lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, and, oh yeah, brain.

Or does the brain lead the way?

Mr. Brain: Pardon me, Mr. Abdomen, would you mind engaging, so I might have the rest of this chap’s body perform some, otherwise-risky, exercise?

Mr. Abs: Not at all.

Um, Mr. Heart, will you let Mr. And Mrs. Lungs know that I (and the rest of my muscular brothers and sisters) are in dire need of oxygen?

Mr Heart: Hold please.

Hey, Mr. Brain, can you initiate some physical movement here?

These stupid muscles need to be reminded…..again, that they need to be first in this sequence.

I can’t ask the Lungs for anything; they need to get a hold of me.

How about some more of that running, or that spongey-muscular deal?

Wake em up!!

Mr Brain: Sigh, alright…..(I need oxygen too, jackass).

Yo Lung-buckets, get ready to get it going!

I hope I’m not interrupting :-).

Would you rather not?

I don’t really have an explanation for all of this.

Breathe, dammit, BREATHE!!

Please tune in next week for the gripping conclusion of tonight’s story!!