We all gotta start some place.

As teachers, we all have worked to gain a foothold on our knowledge and expertise.

Students are on the same path, but have no interest in focussing the same attention to detail expressed by teachers.

The physical journeys are both in league with each other…..they lead to ever-broadening experience.

Obviously, this is a concept that one cannot rush.

Development, both physical and mental, takes time to achieve (albeit, each of us will do so at a different pace of acceleration).

The secret to achieving profound development is strongly linked to profound patience.

The physical experience of each (daily) workout becomes a microcosm of the overall experience, that will take shape over many months and years.

This patient approach can further solidify our resolve for greater health as positive results are seen and felt, offering us a greater sense of encouragement. This is necessary for the endless cycle of our physical endeavor to bestow us with deeper experience!


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You can get there from here.

A mile to go before you sleep.

Finish what you started.

Etc., etc., etc.