Just keep repeating the title till you get it…..this is a tricky one (and, yes, a big ol’ stretch).

(Obscure comic, further obscured by a foreign-language variation.)

So anyway, the hands and feet(s).

Perhaps our most important parts. These appendage-ettes certainly make life easier.

Did you ever notice that the sophistication of the arms and legs gradually increases, if we begin at the shoulders, and end at the fingertips (or hips < tootsies)?

Think about it and get back to me.

If we accept the premise that the fingers and toes represent the most intricate external feature of the human body, wouldn’t logic dictate the attempt to keep these little things well-oiled?

“I suppose that Mr. Pilates invented stuff for that too.”*

Yes, yes he did.

“Cheese and crackers, he invented so many tricky health toys!”

He was smart that way.

“Was it a German thing?”

I dunno, let’s ask Hans and Fritz.

*Please call The Gratz Co. in NYC and place your order!