Ok. I’ll keep this one sweet and short.

It’s best to avoid becoming too personal with the clientele, romantically or otherwise.

It nearly always ends in failure and you are out a client…..please feel free to learn from my mistakes.

Is the allure of a romance worth it? On the surface, it may seem so but, remember that the client is paying for a service. It’s what brought them to you in the first place.

“But I find it so hard to meet people!”

It’s a familiar tale… work long hours; you have early-am clients; can’t stay out too late, etc.

“But I think there may be an attraction there.”

You may be right, there just might be, but…..what happens when this has worn off? At that point you are faced with having to nurture an individual’s physical future, when part of you has lost a small amount of care, trust, joy, or excitement for that person…..or vice-versa. Then it turns into just makin’ a buck…..and disingenuously at that.

“But I’ll be single forever!”

It isn’t a perfect situation, but it’s no reason to use the workplace as your own personal dating pool. The logic is simple…..there are simply too many variables that are NOT in your favor.

I’m not saying that the idea is impossible…..just highly unlikely.

It doesn’t matter what you think may-or-may-not be possible, as soon as there is any awkwardness the client is lost. Trust me, you’re not that lovable and, in general, most people are not so sophisticated that they can remain aloof to the aftermath of a go-nowhere date, or clumsy personal exchange.

“Well, what then?”

Perhaps you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone (i.e., that of your work-place) and engage in activities that are less familiar, but offer some sort of interest to you. Perhaps an art showing, or music recital is your cup of tea. A lap-top or good book at a coffeeshop is another solitary activity that doesn’t make one look too conspicuous.

But then, maybe a cup of tea isn’t your cup of tea.

Bars, restaurants, comedy shows, and sporting events are more group-oriented activities, but sometimes a wing-man or two can provide a supportive and helpful environment.

At any rate, the only “working” in the studio should belong to The Work and working out. Besides, in the end, you will only make your own goals and dreams more focussed and worthwhile as you inevitably achieve them!

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