Yup, most of us want our Sun for that golden, bronzy mood (or that olden, Fonzie dude?).

But did you know that it has more to offer than a sexy vibe?

While it’s true that the sun’s practical use (for those of us who aren’t agriculturalists) is limited (other than maintaining life, etc.), let’s, at least, pay homage to our true, real and inspirational power source.

A Sun…..A Sun…..A SUN!

As little masses of energy (and I mean little), don’t we simply mimic the mother-load of all energy? I guess in that sense, all organisms (in our solar-system) are theoretical spores created by the sun’s energy.

We “shine”; we even give off heat; we just don’t last as long.

The Sun (as a Yellow Dwarf) is, apparently, around 4.5 billion years old, with another 4.5-or-so billion years until it reaches Red Giant status. (Oh…..but the earth will only enjoy around a billion-or-so of those final years before being rendered uninhabitable.) Then our flickering gal’s just an old White Dwarf after all of that process.¹

Then it becomes space-waste?

“So it starts out smaller, then get’s bigger, EXPLODES, then get’s smaller again?”

Human life is a wee-bit shorter, eh? I wonder what it will be like during those final days?

“Is there a point to all of this, Mein Dude?”

I was getting to that.

Now that it has been established that all life-forms are inherently refined energy, let’s narrow it down.

Profoundly enough, that same energy can be deepened, inflated, juiced, primed, augmented, expanded and collected for future use. Energy that is both, RECEIVED and CREATED.

“Future use?”

“How’s that work?”

Well, like a lizard on a rock, we absorb a base-amount of energy from the sun…..(do you think that the sun-tanners of the world are actually “energy junkies”, who crave a little bit extra in the sun-love-dept.?)…..this is the energy that we RECEIVE.

But, like The Sun, we also CREATE energy.

Mundo paparazzi, mi amore, chica Verdi, parasol.”²

The energy that we CREATE is the more-important part of the equation, since the level of  energy fabrication (= working out = Pilates) remains entirely up to us individually…..which is why we are all at different levels of physical evolution.

This CREATED energy is then stored in the human body, for future use, should we lose the ability to CREATE it.

Our body (or system) is very similar to a battery…..unfortunately, we, as humans, likely create, absorb, and store, less energy than we are capable (because we are inherently lazy, “modern”, and purveyors of pleasure).

“So we’re all going around with weak batteries?”

Da Tovarich!

To achieve maximum battery life, we would all need to work out for at least one hour every day for the rest of our lives…..but oh, what long lives! (Technically the daily amount of exercise must augment exponentially over time, in order to better off-set the aging process.)

“So, the biggest, puffiest, body-builder has stock-piled years of energy that will slowly deplete over time?”

Yes, (inflexibility aside), whereas a do-nothing-type will–age more rapidly, feel more lousy, and pose more of a threat to society–due to physical, mental, and emotional neglect.

Fortunately, the physical process, once initiated, creates a pseudo-automated-pilot light that ignites our “inner-solar-selves”. The true goal of our physical existence is to keep the pilot light from extinguishing altogether. Any human that you see who looks “old” and frail has allowed (sadly) their pilot light to extinguish.

We, as modern humans, should never allow (not even slightly) our own personal sun to ever dim some.


¹Stolen from the I-net.

²From “Here Comes The Sun King” by Lennon and McCartney , 1969

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