I pity the FOOL who don’t squeeze the heels! I pity the FOOL who don’t keep the shoulders out the neck! I pity the FOOL who don’t “pull in N’ up“! I pity the FOOL who don’t do the tushy squeeze! “FOOL me once, shame on me!” I pity the FOOL who don’t think they’sa… continue reading


AFTERNOON DELIGHT!!! Missed your MORNING work-out? Feeling SLUGGISH as a result? Well, there’s GOOD NEWS!! The AFTERNOON is just around the CORNER!! YOU don’t have to MISS OUT!! You can EVEN wait until EVENING!! But WAIT until after PILATES to begin getting LOOSE!! (EXERCISE RESPONSIBLY. Please don’t DRINK and DOWNSTRETCH.) Paid for by a grant… continue reading


Desserts and snacks come and go, but we can always expect a replacement. The earth can’t be replaced, but also, cannot be “saved”. The saving needs to be applied to us humans! We, as a civilization, stand a chance of self-destruction as we continue to overpopulate the planet. One good earthquake and boom. You never… continue reading