Desserts and snacks come and go, but we can always expect a replacement.

The earth can’t be replaced, but also, cannot be “saved”. The saving needs to be applied to us humans!

We, as a civilization, stand a chance of self-destruction as we continue to overpopulate the planet.

One good earthquake and boom.

You never know when plague and pestilence makes a surprise return.

Then there is the danger of self annihilation, what with all the trouble in the Middle East.

At worst, human-kind will, likely, perish and the earth’s atmosphere and ecosystems will restore themselves eventually.

As we know, the sun will eventually render the earth inhabitable, but that won’t occur for another billion years.

The point here is that we must, as individuals, save ourselves through daily workouts.

It has been said that the whole is a representation of the individual components. If each of us could make an impact on our own lives, health-wise, our society would benefit greatly.

We could, then, pass the savings along to future generations.

Hopefully the notion of exercise can turn into a tradition that will flourish forever!

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