When performing Contrology moves, it is probably beneficial if one were to press down into the generously-padded surfaces of Gratz Gear.

There is an immediacy in abdominal recognition when lying supine on the “tables” (Caddy, reformer, mat, and wunda). The barrels suddenly make sense.

IMPRESS your spine into the padding and feel la magie!

One of the first observations a Gratz convert will render, describes the extra-thick foam-slice of spine protection, not found on gear made by Gratz competitors.

Makes sense though, don’t it? Here are some features:

a). Every piece of Gratz Gear is fabricated from blueprints devised by Joe Pilates, right down to the padding specs.

b). The extra-thick padding provides a greater-degree of safety pour les élèves.

c). Rolling exercises are more comfortable and, somehow, more challenging.

d). Even the layer of upholstery by Gratz has a stronger, yet more supple appeal, compared to les rivales.

e). You can have a nap on it.

Art example, Bal du moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1876)