Heck, we dang near killed ’em!


It’s the small piece of the skeleton that holds the bones of the torso together. It’s even connected to the neck! Not to mention the pec(s).

A piece of bone as it turns out; ribs 1-7 have a healthy attachment, while 8-12 remain aloof.

There is, however a small amount of flexibility in the sternum (Joe P. could “pop” his on command). This makes sense, as there would need to be some room for movement if one might choose to develop the surrounding musculature.

This makes sense, also, if we remember that our most valuable organs lie beneath the sternum…..The heart and lungs; these components are catalysts for the ability to perform exercise, and “clean” our systems by burning different types of theoretical “fuel”.

An important aspect of increasing physical health is the relative heat that emanates from our virtual furnace. The coals need to be as hot as possible.

We just need to get around to stirrin’ ’em!


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