As you can see, Shakespeare wouldn’t have accomplished much if he left it till tomorrow.

If you think about it our tomorrows are, actually, numbered.

The more we give in to tomorrow, the less tomorrows we will have to create more tomorrows!

Do it today, sleep better tonight, do it again tomorrow.

Rinse and Repeat.

I truly believe that each workout today generates two tomorrows by default.

If you keep letting it go you’ll never hope to create a disciplined habit.

BUT… can always make good on the promise and the physical obligation to oneself.

Keep thinking, Today, and Today, and Today…..unless, of course, you’ve already exercised adequately…..then start thinking about Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, until it becomes Today, and Today, and Today again.

“I was hoping for a briefer candle!”

Sorry, and Sorry, and Sorry.

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