Then, by all means, find your instructor-of-choice! They are there to help you.

None of us were presented with an operator’s manual for the maintenance of our physiques. We have always all needed a little help when it comes to exercise.

“From our friends?”


The good news is that help is right around the corner.

At this point in our modern journey, we have an astonishing number of individuals and institutions that offer The [Original] Method. Also, we must realize that this trend is growing exponentially (or, so it seems). So, be assured that the guru of your dreams is, likely, somewhere right in your backyard.

So start looking!

The last thing any of us needs, is to be reticent to ask for help. It truly is what holds many potentially-promising-Pilates-performers, back from even firing a spark of interest in The Method (or, exercise in general).

Following is a (very) short-list of pointers for The Reader.

1. Seek help from a friend who seems to be the most athletically disciplined, and ask their advice.

2. Let us not forget our helpful service providers who may know a thing or two: if you’re getting a massage, a pedicure, a hair cut, or even a drink at a bar, you may be in rich advice-territory.

3. Your priest may not be of help, unless it’s the one from The Exorcist, who boxed and ran track and drank Johnny Walker.

4. Maybe there is help in Yelp; who knows, you may get lucky.

So please help yourself to the rich world-of-exercise around you, be it The Method or some other reputable technique (and, they do exist) and prolong your life. You just may get to a point where you could provide advice of your own and be of help to someone else. We can all be as inspirational as Michael Phelps!

Let’s keep the help-cycle going people!


It’s actually a strangely spelled word if you stare at it for long… there’s a vowel missing, or the person who created it, had a heart attack when uttering it for the first time.

All those words: gulp, kelp, elf, milkmilf, etc.

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