Janet looks serious folks. She may have implied a message, here.

That we are a Rhythm Nation, is demonstrated so plainly in our daily physical habits; we walk, talk, run, etc. in rhythm.

We breathe rhythmically…..our heart is wired to pump rhythmically, which makes our blood circulate rhymically!

Cool, huh?

“All done?”

Not yet.

The point, here, is that rhythm is inherent in nature; planets revolve around the sun rhythmically, which makes our seasons behave rhythmically, which makes our calendar/clock rhythmic as well…..and these are all instinctive and natural occurrences.

Deliberate or “artificial” rhythm is applied to music, dance and poetry, sports, etc.

“Contrology is kind-of a sport!”

Right! And becomes a highly focussed, therefore potent, physical experience as it is made, increasingly, more rhythmic.

What an efficient society we could create, without any underpinnings of dronism.

“Is that a word?”

T’is now.