Yes, guys, the message has been clear for some time now! If you ever get bullied by a bigger fella, you get to kick the crap out of him!! (If you’re able to.)

All you have to do is work-out hard for a straight year (or two) and you’ll be ready to hit the beach again…..with a vengeance!!


Getting in shape gives one a sense of confidence, that makes the revenge game so desirable, so attainable!!

Wanna beat the snot out of the bully of your dreams??

Simply focus (mentally, and otherwise) on the girl-in-a-dress-that-you-want-to-impress, transform your physique (with Contrology), catch the tool off-guard and BAM!!!*

Then it’s all about reapin’ the rewards!

[Your girl (who never really loved you) will start to love you, but you will become disinterested, after realizing that other ladies (who like to see a decent Alpha/Alpha conversion) are suddenly “parading” past you! Cool right?]

Hey Man, be a He-Man!!!

Love-Tap, Baby, Love-Tap!!

“Get thee to a Punnery…..”

*This post is meant as frivolous entertainment, and any literal interpretation is viewed as an aberration by some particular member of the viewing audience, who (by way of reading this transcript) accepts complete responsibility for his, or her, actions.

Paid for by a grant from the University of Contrology, Bryn Mawr, PA