Our inner-selves comprise two distinct “bowls” that contain our “parts”.

1. The Thoracic Cavity.

So-named, as it corresponds to the thoracic spine, and, more-to-the-point, the ribcage. Beneath the flexible, yet protective, ribs resides our heart (cardiovascular), lungs (respiratory) and trachea (digestive). The presence of bony structure as a protective device points out the importance of this physical region. Only the skull offers more protection, but then again, that is protecting our most valuable component.

“So, our innards are “stacked” in descending order of importance!

(Many guys would argue this point.)

The dominant musculature of our upper-torso (forward view) is the upper-abdominals (which control the lower (floating) ribs) and the pectorals (upper-ribs). The flexibility of our ribcage is more prominent on our “front”, which, of course, points to a greater need for physical-maintenance-attention. I remember distinctly, that when (as kids) my brother and I fought physically, a punch-in-the-front hurt far worse than one-in-the-back.

2. The Abdominal Cavity.

Jam-packed with our slightly-less-important organs than those mentioned above: stomach, gall-bladder, spleen, liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, etc. This cavity is protected, mainly, by our abdominal muscles (rectus, obliques, etc.).

“Is this a good time to point out the benefit of strong, protective abdominal, chest, back and side muscles?”

Well, although we are a long way from our humble beginnings, when stronger abs may have made a positive difference in a life/death situation… may have survived a spearing of sorts, a fall down a hill, or from a tree, or an animal attack (to name a few scenarios). Today it’s different; we can’t stop bullets, grenades, swords, knives, train-wrecks, car-collisions, plane-crashes, etc.

Now it’s just a health/maintenance thing…..JUST.

As we continue our infinite journey toward “modern-ness” (AKA, away from the days of “survival-of-the-fittest) we run a greater risk of Global Physical Apathy. However, we are only becoming more attentive and sensitive to the need for exercise, on health and, yes, aesthetic grounds.

The future looks good! Now it’s just a matter of disseminating the good word. But, then again, people do talk.

“…..and they told two friends; and they told two friends; and they told two friends…..”

Illustration from, Tabulae Anatomicae by Julius Casserius (1627, publ. post.)