There’s some truth to this. It could be said that all humans crave and seek comfort to some degree.

I had a Russian client, once, to whom I would inquire, “What’d you do this weekend, Filat?”

He would always respond, “Just relaxing,” always.

Now, while my mental image never conjured up anything similar to our anti-hero Mr. Capp, it made me realize that people like to take it easy…..do very little…..relax, yes, relax.

It can be personal or social; a breezy few hours reading, or competitive game of bridge; dinner and a movie or a pub crawl (which can turn into a lot of effort, i.e., not relaxing).watching tv; sleeping, playing music, anything but work.

Work is our constant monkey-on-the-back activity that takes us away from what really matters in life. For certain, some folks enjoy their vocation more than others; some love, while some detest, with the middle-ground occupying most of the rest of the workers of the world.

Working one’s body will inevitably provide a physical grounding. This can transfer into a specific way of living.  Once this has been achieved, and the exercise quotient has been applied, we can enjoy all other aspects off life with more appreciation. I believe that lying around on the couch can eventually be guilt-free.

But it may be wise to help out around the house.