Except for exceptional personal training of the Pilates variety.

“How come it costs so much?”

There are a few reasons, the most common being the comparable fee structure among trainers. Some charge as low as $40.00 a class; some go beyond $200.00.


Hey, I didn’t say it was right, and it may not even be worth it, because, you see, in the world of The Method, you don’t always get what you pay for.

Some markets, like large metropolitan centers (or certain resort locales), will have a base-cost according to the cost of living. But within those same big cities there will be a rather wide gap between low and high, as far as cost is concerned.

An individual might charge $250.00 and be rather limited in their expertise (however talented when it comes to marketing). By the same token, a newly certified instructor might charge $45.00, but be the best in his-or-her class (eventually making the big bucks down the road)…..and every scenario in between.

The point is, unfortunately, sometimes we just get lucky with the phone that we ring, or the door upon which we knock.

You’ll likely know when you don’t like a particular situation.