You ever have that one client who just will not arrive on time, for a full session?

Kinda shameful, huh?

“Why should you care? You’re still getting paid.”

I care on several levels.

1. It’s nice to know that the person whom you are teaching actually takes an interest in their physical well-being, beyond a casual level.

2. Being the border-line cynic that I am, it’s always good to keep the arsenal of sarcastic ammo to a minimum (as I have learned).

3. Sometimes money is not that important, that a basic propriety is sacrificed.

4. The physical appearance of a client is like a calling card for your practice. Chances are the incessantly later client is lacking in dynamic effect, physically speaking. It is bad business.

Perhaps it’s time to re-think the client’s Pilates Program in an attempt to inspire them to take better advantage of the money/time that they spend.

Is there too much talking going on? It’s the best way to show a client that you really aren’t intersted in, or even good at what you do.

If you were you would try to prove it every session that you teach.

It’s up to you, the instructor to motivate and captivate, but sometimes deviate so you can facilitate.