about PilatesLogic

our philosophy

The overall foundation of our philosophy is built upon the concept that the human body is sturdy and long lasting, but at the same time fragile and prone to damage if neglected. We are faced with various physical issues as we age: injury through misuse or accident, a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of strong knowledge of biomechanics and exercise knowhow.

The majority of modern society is largely unaware that the muscular system can be restored to a level of fitness and health far beyond what they possessed in youth. Muscles rely on movement, dynamic tension, and oxygen to thrive. As the muscle groups develop into their potential, pre-destined by nature, the skeleton conforms to a higher level of alignment – also pre-destined by nature. If the muscles tell the skeleton what to do, what then, directs the muscles?

A strong and resolute mind is the key for any and all decision-making when it comes to exercise. The first decision is the realization that we all need regular exercise as we age. We must decide on a program, find an instructor or class, devote the time for our personal rehab and, most important, show up! And do it again, and again. It takes time, dedication, sweat, and patience, but the result is being rewarded with a physique that will feel and look incredible. Genuine health is the result of the combination of careful life choices and hard work. It all begins with one simple decision.

Bruce Burchmore, owner of PilatesLogic

what our clients said

To live in Los Angeles and make one’s living teaching Pilates, one is inevitably going to work with celebrities. We all love them, but no one individual is more important than the next.

We all need constant challenge in life, with exercise comprising only part of the equation. Our goal is to help each student achieve their own physical and mental goals through the challenges and rewards of Contrology.

I have been relying on Bruce for my good health since 2006. Bruce’s talent, professionalism and calm nature has made my Pilates sessions events that I happily anticipate. Now that I’ve retired from NBCU, and have more time to do Pilates with Bruce, my health and athleticism are better than ever. Thanks Bruce!
— Paula Madison
We feel better; we look better; we are better. What could be better?!?!?
— Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman
I sit on my ass all day, everyday (not just because I’m lazy; it’s a work thing) and I was practically concave. Bruce has worked miracles in gently, but firmly unfolding me. He’s helping me to regain my good posture. And, remarkably, I rarely want to punch him in the face. Run, don’t walk to his studio; or limp in like I did.
— Moira Walley-Beckett
Pilates has really helped my golf game. This guy knows what he’s doing.
— Andy Garcia
I didn’t know Pilates could be like this. I think I’ve been skating by until now.
— Laurie Holden
Bruce is good; Bruce is great; thank-you for our Pilates. Amen.
— Thomas Gibson