Then replace it. It’s generally a decision based on manufacturer recommendations, economic factors and mechanical knowledge…..things just wear out. Even us. Although a reformer spring can’t be re-conditioned, you and I can be! In order to ensure that the re-conditioning is the most effective, make sure your equipment is well maintained. Obviously a reformer with… continue reading


The Method is, now, an acknowledged skeleto-muscular exercise technique. And, while possessing near-cardiovascular benefits, Pilates is not a substitute for cardio. “Wait, you mean we have to do both?” Yes. The important news is that one need not spend an inordinate amount of time on the treadmill (or bicycle, eliptical, etc.), because with cardio (like… continue reading


Is it an impossibility to limit the size of our intake of food? Probably not. We seem to rely too much on historically familiar trends. The whole “clean-your-plate” philosophy seems not to have worked. Even though it taught a “waste-not-want-not” discipline, it also enabled indulgence, much of which was subliminal. If a child is “made”… continue reading


“Turn off your mind, tense up, and float downstream.” If you you over-think the task at hand it may not get done. “Lay down all thoughts surrender to the void.” Resistance is futile. Just do it (as they say). Whether on the mat, the chairs, or the short box, etc., the lifting away from gravity… continue reading

Leggo my preggo!

“Can pregnant gals do Pilates?” Yes, but under some logical conditions. 1. Wait until after your 1st trimester has ended. 2. Train with an instructor who is a perfect-pre-natal-Pilates-practitioner. 3. Stay off of your stomach (duh). 4. Listen to your body 5. Acknowledge your age. You should be able to avoid many of the complications described… continue reading