FIVE AND FIVE LORD; FIVE AND FIVE. The single-leg circles! A quintessential fave from the basic mat! Five and five (Danke mein bruder). Get on a Gratz mat. Stay turned-out and attempt perfect geometry. Ground yourself, find your stability, and GO! Best 20 seconds of your life. Obey the perfection of your proportions! “Really?” No,… continue reading


Did you ever notice that, in many facets of life, a smaller proportion frequently rules the larger? – A sun has nurtured an entire (solar) system for 4.5 billion years. – A mother has run an entire family since you can remember. – One god has influenced untold numbers since, at least 5,000 years ago… continue reading


You know it’s gonna happen right? Gettin’ older. Gonna have to say sayonara one day. What will those later years be like for each of us identical organisms? Can we control any aspect of it? Do we have a say in the outcome, let alone the journey? You’re darn tootin’! We are all the same, gang;… continue reading


SO SORRY. Life is so full of potential. Please don’t let it slip away from you…..and definitely don’t chase it away! Books to be written, symphonies to be composed, destinations to be visited, loves to be loved. Physiques to be respected + worked-hard + maintained. Each new day = a new chance to make it right…. continue reading

Together again!

“The grey skies are gone” Ah…. Mind and Body. ….perhaps the most perfect partnership, within the long-standing tradition of perfect partnerships. – Adam and Eve. – Orpheus and Euridice. – Romulus and Remus. – Marc-Anthony and Cleopatra. – Romeo and Juliet. – Bonnie and Clyde. – Burns and Allen. – Martin and Lewis. – Lennon… continue reading