As you can see, Shakespeare wouldn’t have accomplished much if he left it till tomorrow. If you think about it our tomorrows are, actually, numbered. The more we give in to tomorrow, the less tomorrows we will have to create more tomorrows! Do it today, sleep better tonight, do it again tomorrow. Rinse and Repeat…. continue reading


Just keep repeating the title till you get it…..this is a tricky one (and, yes, a big ol’ stretch). (Obscure comic, further obscured by a foreign-language variation.) So anyway, the hands and feet(s). Perhaps our most important parts. These appendage-ettes certainly make life easier. Did you ever notice that the sophistication of the arms and… continue reading


We all gotta start some place. As teachers, we all have worked to gain a foothold on our knowledge and expertise. Students are on the same path, but have no interest in focussing the same attention to detail expressed by teachers. The physical journeys are both in league with each other…..they lead to ever-broadening experience…. continue reading


NOTHING MORE THAN FEELINGS Does the intensity of the workout dissuade you from returning? Are you filled with dread at the thought of torquing your musculature? Do you constantly wish for the session to end? Is the act of clock-watching distracting your routine? It’s all in your mind. Don’t let the energizing of your muscles… continue reading