The original sets apparatus were made, by hand, in Joe P.’s workshop of wood. His contracting the services of a fabricating firm called Gratz led to a cottage industry that exists to this day. Although, technically a manufacturer of custom furniture, The Gratz Co. also makes the best Pilates gear available. The above photo (ca…. continue reading


AND GET OUT OF NEUTRAL. It only makes sense from a passive application (i.e., a relaxed musculature). An exclusionary-lower-back-technique is at odds with the concept of muscular uniformity (i.e., all muscles are treated equally in exercise…..to their fullest potential!). “What about the kyphosis?” Good question. The neutral-spine fallacy disobeys any fair sense of geometric application,… continue reading

Phonin’ it in?

STUDENTS: You are learning The Method! This requires your undivided attention! Give it to your Mentor! And, Yourself!! – INSTRUCTORS: You have learned The Method! This demands your undivided attention! Show it to your Disciple! And, Others!! Paid for by a grant from the University of Contrology, Bryn Mawr, PA

Pencil me in!

You have to feel sorry for certain of our “earthly-space-mates”. You know, the ones that could never sacrifice any time for their own health, lest some interference between commerce and exercise arise (exercise our eyes?). The irony lies in the certainty of deterioration without intervention, after which you can’t work if you can’t walk. So,… continue reading

You will be healed!

So true. Turn your health over to Pilates. “Oh, Demon Spirits that possess thine abs…..Come OUT!!!!“ “Can you say baby? Say BABY!“ MAMIE! “Can you say Jesus? Say JESUS!“ NENUT! “It’s a MIRACLE! Please send a modest donation to The First Church of Contrology right away, that we may continue to heal the afflicted, when… continue reading