Think of the characteristics of the human body, resembling those of a skyscraper, or other very tall building. There seem to be some consistent similarities. Both are famously vertical; this is the feature that prominently sets us apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. We just happen to be able to go horizontal too… continue reading


THOUGH YOUR THIGHS ARE SWOLLEN KEEP THEM WHEELS A ROLLIN’ DON’T HIDE! Because the wheels on Gratz reformers are of the highest quality, and, with regular maintenance, will last and last. The same wheels accomplish more due to the precision created by the construction of the reformers themselves. Take one home with you today!! The… continue reading


Is it an impossibility to limit the size of our intake of food? Probably not. We seem to rely too much on historically familiar trends. The whole “clean-your-plate” philosophy seems not to have worked. Even though it taught a “waste-not-want-not” discipline, it also enabled indulgence, much of which was subliminal. If a child is “made”… continue reading

I feel nothing!

This, I doubt. Unless, the unfortunate has happened. “Even bad Pilates is good Pilates” But you must listen to, and respect your teacher’s words. If this is the case, and still nothing is happening, maybe you need a New Teacher. Sorry, Old Teacher. but you must have a lot to say, or, you might as… continue reading