We all gotta start some place. As teachers, we all have worked to gain a foothold on our knowledge and expertise. Students are on the same path, but have no interest in focussing the same attention to detail expressed by teachers. The physical journeys are both in league with each other…..they lead to ever-broadening experience…. continue reading


WONTCHA BUY ME A GRATZ ‘LECTRIC CHAIR? Listen to Janis, folks. Check her sincerity. She knows. The High Chair does some magic, all in the upright…..the forthright, too! You have some upper-torso goodies; you have some lower-torso delights; it’s always about the middle-torso….arms and legs wouldn’t want to stay home on this one. And you… continue reading


All them people. Working out. Every day. “Wow, you really ARE a dreamer.” Perhaps, but doesn’t Imagination purportedly carry more weight than Education? Education is vital, but Imagination must precede it, so that the Education can be sincerely absorbed. “Then there’s Inspiration, Dedication, Concentration, Enervation, Stimulation, Invigoration, and Vitalization!” Exactly! And it all begins with… continue reading