Then replace it. It’s generally a decision based on manufacturer recommendations, economic factors and mechanical knowledge…..things just wear out. Even us. Although a reformer spring can’t be re-conditioned, you and I can be! In order to ensure that the re-conditioning is the most effective, make sure your equipment is well maintained. Obviously a reformer with… continue reading


THERE ARE TWO. “One…..ONE SHOULDER BLADE!…..” “Two…..TWO SHOULDER BLADES!!……AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!!!!!!!!” “Where are you taking us with this?” Well, the scapulae provide a very specific muscular awareness/set of manipulations. “Such as?” Did you ever notice the inherent, independent flexibility of the scapulae as they relate to the rest of the… continue reading


Is it an impossibility to limit the size of our intake of food? Probably not. We seem to rely too much on historically familiar trends. The whole “clean-your-plate” philosophy seems not to have worked. Even though it taught a “waste-not-want-not” discipline, it also enabled indulgence, much of which was subliminal. If a child is “made”… continue reading

Sprechen Sie Fitness?

PARLEZ-VOUS L’EXERCER? Yoga, t’ai chi, gymnastics, acrobatics, judo, karate, and Pilates are just a few core-conditioning techniques that are available to us in the 21st Century. It is somewhat telling that most of the aforementioned athletic choices are quite ancient; it seems that their value has been confirmed. Pilates, being quite new to that list, seems… continue reading