NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

NOT YET; NOT YET! “But, I’m so worn out.” Sleep when you go home! “Can I have a drink of water? When we have finished. “Can you please put on the A/C?” Not good for you and your result. Oh, and by-the-way, please discontinue the (time-wasting) talking!! JEEZ!! It’s true, though. Even enlightened individuals make… continue reading


You know that round thing, high up on the wall? With the big hand on the little hand? STOP LOOKING AT IT!! Students: It’s YOUR TIME! Instructors: It’s THEIR TIME! (Time; get it?) “It’s all about the present. Focus on it. The future becomes the past, regardless.” “There! Did you feel it?” “Boom! It happened again!”… continue reading


Heck, we dang near killed ’em! “Huh?” It’s the small piece of the skeleton that holds the bones of the torso together. It’s even connected to the neck! Not to mention the pec(s). A piece of bone as it turns out; ribs 1-7 have a healthy attachment, while 8-12 remain aloof. There is, however a… continue reading


Why do women seem to be more health-conscious than men? “Is it an intelligence thing?” Probably. “A maturity issue?” Definitely. “All about vanity?” For the most part, but remember your first question. “A competitiveness with other women?” I would wager on it. I think that the women-folk possess greater discipline, maturity, focus, resolve, sincerity, commitment,… continue reading