ARE AFFECTING TANS. Yup, most of us want our Sun for that golden, bronzy mood (or that olden, Fonzie dude?). But did you know that it has more to offer than a sexy vibe? While it’s true that the sun’s practical use (for those of us who aren’t agriculturalists) is limited (other than maintaining life,… continue reading


Did you ever notice that, in many facets of life, a smaller proportion frequently rules the larger? – A sun has nurtured an entire (solar) system for 4.5 billion years. – A mother has run an entire family since you can remember. – One god has influenced untold numbers since, at least 5,000 years ago… continue reading

Decisions, decisions

Get a load of these two. What do you suppose they’re thinking about? I’d say that they are agonizing over a decision….or procrastinating (deciding to put off, until a later time, something that was decided upon at an earlier time). And by the looks of them, they are hopefully thinking about going to the Y. Chubby… continue reading