NOTHING MORE THAN FEELINGS Does the intensity of the workout dissuade you from returning? Are you filled with dread at the thought of torquing your musculature? Do you constantly wish for the session to end? Is the act of clock-watching distracting your routine? It’s all in your mind. Don’t let the energizing of your muscles… continue reading

Absurd is the word

There are so many hybrid techniques that proudly “borrow” the surname of Joseph H., these days. “Dude, check it! Fro-yo-gilates, Cirque-de-lates, Box-a-lates, Danc-a-lates, Bike-a-lates, Poo-lates, Bro-lates, and Pil-asturbation are just a few of the brands I have in development at present!” Why, oh why is The (original) Method not enough for some? [Wrings hands] Let’s examine possible cause-and-effect-types-of reasons, excuses,… continue reading