NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

NOT YET; NOT YET! “But, I’m so worn out.” Sleep when you go home! “Can I have a drink of water? When we have finished. “Can you please put on the A/C?” Not good for you and your result. Oh, and by-the-way, please discontinue the (time-wasting) talking!! JEEZ!! It’s true, though. Even enlightened individuals make… continue reading


When performing Contrology moves, it is probably beneficial if one were to press down into the generously-padded surfaces of Gratz Gear. There is an immediacy in abdominal recognition when lying supine on the “tables” (Caddy, reformer, mat, and wunda). The barrels suddenly make sense. IMPRESS your spine into the padding and feel la magie! One… continue reading


I pity the FOOL who don’t squeeze the heels! I pity the FOOL who don’t keep the shoulders out the neck! I pity the FOOL who don’t “pull in N’ up“! I pity the FOOL who don’t do the tushy squeeze! “FOOL me once, shame on me!” I pity the FOOL who don’t think they’sa… continue reading


AFTERNOON DELIGHT!!! Missed your MORNING work-out? Feeling SLUGGISH as a result? Well, there’s GOOD NEWS!! The AFTERNOON is just around the CORNER!! YOU don’t have to MISS OUT!! You can EVEN wait until EVENING!! But WAIT until after PILATES to begin getting LOOSE!! (EXERCISE RESPONSIBLY. Please don’t DRINK and DOWNSTRETCH.) Paid for by a grant… continue reading


ARE AFFECTING TANS. Yup, most of us want our Sun for that golden, bronzy mood (or that olden, Fonzie dude?). But did you know that it has more to offer than a sexy vibe? While it’s true that the sun’s practical use (for those of us who aren’t agriculturalists) is limited (other than maintaining life,… continue reading