BABY, WE WERE BORN TO RUN. Dont be afraid of it! We were, actually, designed for it…..and well! It’s a sports technique like any other. You just need to practice it until it makes better physical sense. Then you can decide if you want to master your technique from that moment on.


THEN I’M DYIN’. Ah, yes another reinvention. The public seems to have lost touch (or the other way ’round); gotta change that. The Beatles went to India, Snoop went to Jamaica…..The Method went to the Southwest. You come back a different band/rapper…..with a brand new message/brand new career (maybe)…..only if the public-at-large takes notice. Like… continue reading

Spring hopes eternal

Did you know that the torso acts like a coiled spring when a golfer completes his or her backswing? So much tension must be released…..but how? On the follow-through, that’s how! The energy that is created and stored in the torso is the force which helps to “throw” the ball down the fairway (or onto… continue reading