Why do women seem to be more health-conscious than men? “Is it an intelligence thing?” Probably. “A maturity issue?” Definitely. “All about vanity?” For the most part, but remember your first question. “A competitiveness with other women?” I would wager on it. I think that the women-folk possess greater discipline, maturity, focus, resolve, sincerity, commitment,… continue reading


Desserts and snacks come and go, but we can always expect a replacement. The earth can’t be replaced, but also, cannot be “saved”. The saving needs to be applied to us humans! We, as a civilization, stand a chance of self-destruction as we continue to overpopulate the planet. One good earthquake and boom. You never… continue reading


There’s NO TIME like NOW TIME!! Your body NEEDS YOU!! Neglect is NOT an option!! EVERY man (or woman) for himself (or herself)!! Look to the FUTURE!! The battle is CONSTANT!! And FIERCE!! JustREMEMBER!! WE CAN DO IT!! Paid for by a grant from the University of Contrology, Bryn Mawr, PA


ALL I NEED IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHE. Well, actually, all the time….. Draw it into your body. O + solar energy = us (basically). Take a little; take a lot…..again, a wide variable. Try to err on the side of Big (or go home). Oh, and it goes with exercise like chocolate goes… continue reading