There’s NO TIME like NOW TIME!! Your body NEEDS YOU!! Neglect is NOT an option!! EVERY man (or woman) for himself (or herself)!! Look to the FUTURE!! The battle is CONSTANT!! And FIERCE!! JustREMEMBER!! WE CAN DO IT!! Paid for by a grant from the University of Contrology, Bryn Mawr, PA


ALL I NEED IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHE. Well, actually, all the time….. Draw it into your body. O + solar energy = us (basically). Take a little; take a lot…..again, a wide variable. Try to err on the side of Big (or go home). Oh, and it goes with exercise like chocolate goes… continue reading


NOTHIN’S GONNA EVER KEEP YOU DOWN! We all can win the karate championship of life (by practicing The Method)! Don’t let the theoretical Cobra Kai of the universe get to you (just work out every day). This school doesn’t suck (unless you allow it). Wax on Son! Wax off People! No, you don’t have to raise… continue reading