Did you ever notice that there is an abundance of physical comedy in silent films. Physical comedy! Yeah, it seems that, even then, the absence of dialogue forced an alternate form of attention-grabbing style to be necessary. Keaton, Chaplin and Lloyd, in particular, all shared so many characteristics; the most important was a certain physical… continue reading


When performing Contrology moves, it is probably beneficial if one were to press down into the generously-padded surfaces of Gratz Gear. There is an immediacy in abdominal recognition when lying supine on the “tables” (Caddy, reformer, mat, and wunda). The barrels suddenly make sense. IMPRESS your spine into the padding and feel la magie! One… continue reading


Just keep repeating the title till you get it…..this is a tricky one (and, yes, a big ol’ stretch). (Obscure comic, further obscured by a foreign-language variation.) So anyway, the hands and feet(s). Perhaps our most important parts. These appendage-ettes certainly make life easier. Did you ever notice that the sophistication of the arms and… continue reading


ALL I NEED IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHE. Well, actually, all the time….. Draw it into your body. O + solar energy = us (basically). Take a little; take a lot…..again, a wide variable. Try to err on the side of Big (or go home). Oh, and it goes with exercise like chocolate goes… continue reading


Here we are. In the 21st Century already! “But things have been “modern” for two hundred years!” Even though those mid-18th-century Europeans thought that they were enlightened, let’s say that the “modern” era began shortly after that. Say, around the time of Dickens…..factories with smokestacks, and early machinery, the beginning-of-the-end-of-child labor, etc. Now we are… continue reading