I DARE YA…..I DOUBLE DARE YA!!! Press your heels together!!! “What?” Stretch the collar-bones!! “What?” Keep your rear squozen through this entire sequence! “What?” Carve those abs with that technique I just showed ya. “What?” I buried someone in my backyard, but don’t tell anyone….. “What?” God, you look fresh and amazing today!!! “Thank-you!”  


A strong, human instinct is in the desire to notice results of an undertaking before the appropriate amount of work has been done. We want to reach the goal yesterday. “Are we there yet?” No, we’re only at the third measure. Besides, you rush the tempo; your rhythm is uneven; and your intonation needs improving. I… continue reading

Phonin’ it in?

STUDENTS: You are learning The Method! This requires your undivided attention! Give it to your Mentor! And, Yourself!! – INSTRUCTORS: You have learned The Method! This demands your undivided attention! Show it to your Disciple! And, Others!! Paid for by a grant from the University of Contrology, Bryn Mawr, PA

I feel nothing!

This, I doubt. Unless, the unfortunate has happened. “Even bad Pilates is good Pilates” But you must listen to, and respect your teacher’s words. If this is the case, and still nothing is happening, maybe you need a New Teacher. Sorry, Old Teacher. but you must have a lot to say, or, you might as… continue reading