what is pilates?

Pilates (also known as Contrology) is a method of body training that requires physical and mental control over the muscles which, over time, corrects one’s skeletal alignment. It was invented by Joseph H. Pilates (1883–1967) over 100 years ago. He developed and crystallized his concepts into a fully integrated system over the course of his life. We are left with an exercise program that allows us to develop our entire muscular system from the major groups-abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and upper arms-to ones less considered such as the neck, hands and feet.

The practice of Pilates gives to the student a complete knowledge of biomechanics of the body through the command of the muscular/skeletal system. Because of the muscular control over the skeleton, the tone of the muscular system improves while the realignment of the skeletal system can be felt and seen. One can tone his or her muscles to absolute firmness while simultaneously reforming virtually every conceivable skeletal problem. After a suitable amount of training you will be rewarded with long, lean muscles that wrap around a flexible and supple skeleton from head to toe.

Diligent practice of Pilates (2–3 times per week) will yield results in a matter of weeks. Ongoing practice will produce a completely rehabilitated muscular and skeletal system — this can be achieved within several months. A perfect mind deserves a perfect body, and each requires ongoing maintenance that can only be obtainettd through regular and focused practice.

who benefits?

Absolutely everyone!

With Pilates, you learn the ability to use mental focus in order to control your muscles. If you are limited by the results of a previous injury, the exercises can all be modified to ensure safety. Conditions such as scoliosis, arthritis, hypertension, herniated or disintegrating discs (for example) can be worked around and made less intrusive. It is also very effective for weight loss.


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