As we have seen, the upper cavity of the torso corresponds to the thoracic vertebrae, and their individual rib attachments. “Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of bony structure associated with the thoracic cavity?” That’s pretty much the physical make-up. It, then, should come as no big shock that… continue reading


LAY UPON THAT BIG ALUMINUM BED. The very first piece of gear that Joe P. came up with…..nearly 100 years ago (at least, a prototype). The Trapeze Table or The Cadillac, your choice. Kneel, lady kneel; sit, lady sit; stand, lady stand; hang lady hang; balance on your shoulders, lady balance on your shoulders…..does that… continue reading


A knowledge of basic anatomy can be helpful for an improved, physical awareness. We don’t necessarily need skills in Latin to get a handle on the topic, although it could make us better at what we do. “Age quod agis.” Pup ‘n Taco. There is thorough logic within the skeletal construction of vertebrates. Skeleton is… continue reading


Are the toes considered prehensile? They certainly can be used in a fashion similar to fingers; at least mine can. I can pinch you, pick up things from the floor, write my name (badly), and a few other party tricks. “Relevance, Your Honor?” How’s about the health of our body? “You’re losing me.” Think of… continue reading