Child of the Depression?

It probably gets under everyone’s skin at some point in their lives.

Too bad, really. It can really screw with a person; waste their time, make them anti-social, affect their humours, etc.

Have to admit, though, that modern society has made strides in addressing the subject itself. Take a Delorean back to ancient Greece, and you can hear Hippocrates talking about depression (ca. 400 BCE). Many notable “experts” have mentioned some form of depression (melancholia), in every historical period of the last 2,500 years.

It appears that during the majority of them millenia (99%?), the emphasis, from experts, was directed toward description and classification. It has been a very recent trend (the other 1%) that cures and remedies have been considered.

Discussing one’s thoughts and feelings with, either a confidante, or a trained specialist in the field, has been the main method of therapy since, at least, the 17th Century. Positive, personal dialogue can be quite effective. I mean, mankind virtually invented cheerleading!

“Stop slipping in the sarcasm!”

Now, it’s likely, more about the pharmaceuticals. But, prescription drugs can completely alter an individual’s personality…..sometimes not for the better…..kinda weird, actually. I believe that pills invariably turn the users into (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.) drones of each other.

“I wonder why are they’re so popular?”

(Ask your local Conspiracy Theorist.)

But despair not! The times they are a changin’ (again). I believe that society will arrive at the next, and most-logical, phase of depression R & D.

The Exercise Phase!

The use of exercise will be:

1. A combatant against depression.

2. A substitute for pharmaceutical “help“!!

3. An alternative to “stewing”.

4. A life-changing path.

It’s organic, effective, inexpensive (potentially), and logical!


I mean it may sound far-reaching to point out a few benefits…..


…..but what kind of motivator would keep it to his’self?

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was, apparently, clinically depressed, and he was able to live a full (albeit, shortened) life? And, I would guess that he did no exercise other than walking.

Just think…..many of us are in better shape than Lincoln ever was!


Art example, Oude man met verdriet (Op de drempel van de eeuwigheid) by Vincent Van Gogh (1890)