(Yes folks, it’s Medieval Week!)

Oh, yes. We want to exercise, but not really?

Society says yes: pressure from family, loved ones, friends, potential lovers/mates, advertising/commercialization, culturally fabricated propaganda, etc.

Somehow an instinctive “I’m cool with that workout” attitude has fomented within certain individuals, as if a solid one-hour workout is intolerable.

“But there’s so much to do everyday!”

It is so easy to rush through the routines, without a true directed path; our minds tuned to the wrong station.

“But I’m distracted!”

Then what is the point of even making the attempt (kidding)?

“But you said, that even if it’s no good, it’s still kind of good.

(I was kidding.)

You got me; but again, we can always aspire to a deeper sense of challenge as that will likely deepen our sense of commitment…..and I hope you do.

As you can see by the above illustration, nothing was ever to be gained by acting irrationally…..I mean, the horse could have been taken prisoner, right?

A well-thought-out plan is always superior to the sudden, lashing-out generally seen in martial conflict (which, generally is the product of a “well-thought-out” plan)…..even that waged in the later 11th Century.

Our workouts sometimes are inspirationally devoid.

“Might we say loathsome?”

Other than to get the dang thing over with.

Yes, even that is inspirational, but is it correct?

Or fair to our health?

Even though we may wish to accomplish as much as we can daily, a slower pace will always allow for a better sense of concentration toward each task…..quality over quantity!

So it seems that considerate thought is the key in applying the most effective anti-aging process…..or is it thoughtful consideration?

It should slow us down, that we may avoid single-mindedness.

“But, I thought that abdominal centering is the “single-most-important” application in all of Contrology.

Oh, Shut up.