Are the toes considered prehensile?

They certainly can be used in a fashion similar to fingers; at least mine can.

I can pinch you, pick up things from the floor, write my name (badly), and a few other party tricks.

“Relevance, Your Honor?”

How’s about the health of our body?

“You’re losing me.”

Think of your feet (toes, arches, heels, ankles, etc.) as a foundational support system for the rest of your body.

The toe muscles, having somewhat independent articulation, should be considered the most-intelligent-part of the foot, and exercised as sincerely as any other muscular part of our body.

“Footwork”, “Stomach Massage”, “Running”, “Arm Frog , “Shoulder Roll-Down”, to name a few Contrology movements, all work the tootsies.

Beyond these exercises (and many others), familiar to the standard apparatus work, we have specialty “tools.”

The Toe¹-, and Foot-Correctors² (J. Pilates’ devices), allow us the opportunity to exercise our lower legs with the same vibrancy as the reformer or cadillac!

It is, I believe, the very existence of the afore-mentioned devices, that prove the über-importance of having healthy feet.

Why would they, otherwise, exist?

“We should show up for class with our friends in tow?”


¹Kathryn Ross-Nash wrote a primer entitled Fix Your Feet (2009); obtain a copy tout suite!

²The Gratz Co. makes the best examples (in my opinion); a toe-corrector will go well with Kathryn’s book.